logoLifestyle, disease and biology put older people at risk of functional decline, leading to falls, cognitive impairment, frailty, and negative consequences for quality of life. PreventIT will develop mobile technology that enables early identification of risk factors for functional decline in younger older adults, and empowers them to self-manage their own health and function by adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. To this end, PreventIT brings together a strong interdisciplinary consortium with previous impact in the field of ageing and ICT. The consortium consists of five renowned universities, two university hospitals, and two companies, with combined skills in technology development, medical science, behavioural science, communication solutions, healthcare innovation, and product development. Many of the partners within the consortium have been long-term collaborators and worked together previously in the EU-funded projects Profane, Farseeing, and Profound. PreventIT will develop a unique ICT-based intervention, delivered on a smartphone or smartwatch, with activities integrated in daily life and taking into account each person’s individual motivation, needs, and barriers.