10 luglio 2018 ~ Commenti disabilitati su New data available from InCHIANTI Study

New data available from InCHIANTI Study


Hope you are well and enjoying the summer!

You may have heard that we have just collected the 5th wave of the study (575 interviews have been collected, response rate 91%).

In the meantime with the help of Colleagues at NIA we have been working at the data cleaning and quality control for 4th follow up (2012 – 2013) and I’m happy to announce that a provisional version of the dataset will be available for you very soon.

Hopefully before the fall, we’ll be able to complete the revision for the previous databases and will be ready with a new updated complete version of data CD [Baseline_v8_FU1_v5 _FU2_v4 _FU3_v3 _ FU4_v1].

I would like to remind to you that the procedure to request the data is still the same and the data CD is delivered personally to someone and the data are not shareable with anybody else.
Please follow the rules carefully so we can all maximally benefit from the rich database created by the InCHIANTI project.

Thank you to work with InCHIANTI.

Best wishes,

Stefania Bandinelli and the InCHIANTI Study Group

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