InCHIANTI dataset

How to obtain the InCHIANTI dataset

The investigators who designed and conducted InCHIANTI believe that the data collected in a research project should be made available to the whole scientific community.
This is the reason why we want to share the InCHIANTI database with any researcher who is willing to present a detailed and scientifically sound project. However, we also want to stress a few concepts:

  1. Designing and conducting the InCHIANTI study required a very high level of commitment and a great deal of time and energy. This work should be recognized in scientific publications in national and international journals. Therefore, the authors who conduct analyses of the InCHIANTI project database should include among the potential co-authors at least two members of the InCHIANTI group (suggested by a “Publication Committee”). Furthermore, they should clearly note the source of the data. However, we also want to stress that these added coauthors will be inserted among the authors of the final paper only if they substantially contribute in the analysis and in writing the manuscript. The “Publication Committee” will guarantee that this principle will be respected. Every person who wants to work with the InCHIANTI database should submit a formal proposal to the Publication Committee (the form that should be used to submit an analysis proposal can be found in the link “how to submit a proposal”), and must receive approval before starting the analysis. This is done mainly to avoid duplications. The approval of the proposal will appear at the Web (, so that all interested researcher will be aware of the ongoing projects. The researchers will commit themselves not to report data from InCHIANTI project in scientific papers or in public speeches without the permission of the Publication Committee. In urgent cases, the permission will be granted quickly by the Principal Investigator of the InCHIANTI study (Dr. Stefania Bandinelli However, the proposal will be again discussed for definitive approval by the Publication Committee.
  2. In inviting other researchers to perform analyses on the InCHIANTI database, we want to be sure that results coming from this collaboration are scientifically and statistically correct. Furthermore, they should provide to the Publication Committee all the manuscripts that they wish to submit for publication, and should not submit the paper until receiving approval.

Please, note that before submitting the first proposal, the investigator should have the permission to receive and use the InCHIANTI dataset. He should fill in, sign and deliver a copy of the form included at the end of this document to the Coordinating Center (Fax number + 39 055 6937411).

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