How to submit a proposal


This page provides you guidelines for submitting electronically a proposal:

  1. Click on “Register” button
  2. Fill completely all the fields in the form
  3. Within a two weeks you will receive an e-mail with your username and password
  4. Click on the user private area and login by using your username and password
  5. Click on “Submit a Proposal” button
  6. Paste in the appropriate field the text of your analysis proposal
  7. Click on “Submit”
  8. Print the PDF file with your proposal for your personal record
  9. Back to the form page and click “Logout”

All manuscript proposals and final drafts that use InCHIANTI data must be reviewed and approved by the Publication Committee.

The Publication Committee will review the manuscript proposal for completeness and for clarity and accuracy of the analysis plan. In addition, the Publication Committee will determine if there is overlap between the proposed manuscript and any other scientific proposals that have been already approved. If overlap exists, the investigator will be encouraged to collaborate on the existing proposal/manuscript.

Upon approval by the Publication Committee, the proposal will be assigned a manuscript number and entered in the Index of Approved Proposals on the internal InCHIANTI website.

Any review comments will be sent to the First Author and to the InCHIANTI Sponsoring Member. A proposal that is not approved may be revised and resubmitted; this must be accompanied by a response memo pinpointing how the Committee’s major comments have been addressed. If the Co-Authors disagree with the required revisions, the First Author may work out any changes informally via the Publication Committee Coordinator until a compromise is approved.

Responsibilities of the Co-Authors
The First Author oversees all phases of manuscript preparation, from conception through publication. He/she is required to:
» Notify Co-Authors when the analysis and writing begin.
» Prepare manuscript outlines and describe data analyses to be performed.
» Assign tasks to Co-Authors and ensure that deadlines for  completion of these tasks are met.
» Ensure that the manuscript has the approval of all Co-Authors  before submitting the penultimate draft to the Publication Committee.
» Determine the order of authorship on the manuscript. The major criteria for this is an assessment of the effort and contribution made by each Author in preparation of the manuscript.  Disagreements over authorship order that cannot be resolved by  the First Author will be resolved by the Publication Committee as  final arbitrator.
» Recommend a journal to which the manuscript will be submitted.
» Handle publication-related correspondence with Co-Authors, the Coordinating Center, the Publication Committee and journal editors.
The  Co-Authors are responsible for the timely completion of tasks assigned by the First Author and are expected to actively participate in the preparation of the manuscript. If a Co-Author does not accomplish the tasks assigned to him/her and has not contributed to the manuscript, he/she may be removed from the list of Co-Authors. The First Author must send a letter to the Publication Committee formally requesting the removal of an inactive Co-Author.

All manuscripts – whether locally or centrally analyzed – are subject to automatic withdrawal if there is no reported progress within 3 years of proposal approval.